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STEM pattern

STEM pattern

  • C3 Dome Jackets 1

    The Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows is a unique, competitive, and formative program focused on increasing student interest and learning in STEM disciplines through the support and growth of high-quality STEM teachers.

  • “This is the best program around! Whenever you felt you reached the summit, we turned a corner and started climbing another one. I will truly miss the fellowship, but I now feel confident as a STEM leader on my own.”

  • St. Cecelia St. Polycarp 2018

    “This experience just means so much to me. And I am proud to say that I am a Trustey Fellow.”

  • “Professionally, this has been the gift of a lifetime.”

  • “The Trustey program has been a rocket booster for my PD. I know the program has changed the structure of our school.”

  • C4 For Website

    “Participating in this institute has been life altering. I feel different about myself, how I see my students and how I want them to see themselves. Absolutely everything was done with purpose and thoughtfulness.”

  • “To hear kids tell me they want to be an engineer, they want to design, and create, and problem solve – five years ago I never had kids say that - and I attribute that 100% to the resources, and leadership, and the modeling that we've received through the Fellowship.”

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