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STEM pattern

STEM pattern


Benefits for Fellows

  • Longitudinal professional growth in STEM teaching, learning, assessment, and leadership
  • A national community of practitioners with a strong cohort model
  • Content-specific instructional coaching over two school years
  • Approximately 100 hours of PD each year that can be used for re-certification
  • Travel, lodging, and meal expenses paid for Summer Institutes and RISE Summits
  • $4,500 stipend across the duration of the program
    • $2,000 annually for years 1 & 2; $500 for summer 3/on-going data collection

Cost for Fellows

  • None

C4 and C5 copy

Benefits for Schools

  • Approximately 225 total hours of professional development for each Fellow from the school
  • Connection to a national network of schools committed to quality STEM Education
  • Development of STEM teacher leaders who will help develop a 5-year school-wide STEM vision
  • A two-day administrator on-campus professional development session during the second summer
  • An investment of $18,000 per Fellow of professional growth (a team of 3 would have a $54,000 professional development investment)

Investment for Schools

  • $1000 per Fellow, for the first two years of the program
  • Title funds may be used towards this investment; financial aid also available for schools requiring assistance
  • Ability to pay is not a deciding factor for acceptance into the program