STEM pattern

STEM pattern

Teacher Resources


celly logo Use this 21st century communication tool to keep your students in the loop with your Saturday Sessions. Set up text allerts for reminders, cancellations or any other features you may need.

NMS Teaching Resources

nmsi logoThis site contains material and resources provided by NMS (National Math and Science) for teachers to use in their classroom. You will need your username and password for this site.

The Learning Connection (LC)

learning connection logo We currently are only accepting members from Cohort 1 to the subject specific learning communities. We look forward to seeing our communities expand as our program grows. How to join a learning community

Structured Tutoring

Here is the link (by month) you will need to complete your structured tutoring log. If you have questions regarding the structured tutoring log, please contact Karen Morris at or 574-631-4878.

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