STEM pattern

STEM pattern

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the program for a particular school type?

We welcome schools from all sectors, such as public schools, charter schools, and Catholic schools.

My school is too small to field a team of three people. What should I do?

If your school is too small to form a team of at least three people, we encourage you to partner with another school to form a team. In this case, please make sure that there are at least two team members from each school.

Can my principal attend the Summer Institute or be a part of our team?

We are grateful for such strong administrative support, but at this time we do not allow individuals with evaluative roles to be a part of our STEM Teaching Fellowship, unless they also have an instructional role in one of the STEM disciplines.

When is the Summer Institute?

The Summer Institute is generally the last two weeks of July.  This summer, the Institute will be from July 16 – July 28, 2018.

I have a conflict with the Summer Institute, can I still be a Fellow?

The Summer Institute is an essential part of the Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellowship. If you cannot attend the full Summer Institute we encourage you to apply during a different year.

Can my family join me in South Bend during the Summer Institute?

At this time, we are unable to provide accommodations for your family at Notre Dame. However, your family is welcome to come visit over the weekend or make their own arrangements in South Bend.

How much does the Fellowship cost?

There is almost no cost to you. Notre Dame is able to cover all food, lodging, and travel for the duration of the Fellowship. The only cost to the school is to pay for two days of substitute teachers each year during the RISE Summit in January.