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2020 AP Summer Institute

The AP-TIP IN AP Summer Institute is now an ONLINE event and will be held July 6 – 10, 2020. Please click on the link to our APSI Page or use the left menu to navigate to this page. Questions? Please contact APSI Director Karen Morris at or by telephone at (574) 631-6945.

2020 AP-TIP IN Webinars

View all of our webinar recordings in one place! 

Congratulations Selene Giron!

Selene Giron, a Counselor at Whiting High School was recognized by the College Board for the 2019-20 College Board Counselor Recognition Program! Read more. 

Program Highlights

  • Teacher Training 
  • AP-TIP IN Fall Conference
  •  Content Mentors
  •  Mock Exam Reading & Training 
  •  AP Summer Institute 

Our Mission

We prepare Indiana students for college by engaging them in rigorous math, science, and English coursework. We support them by delivering high quality professional development to their teachers and we continue to support those teachers through the use of our Content Directors. We provide greater opportunities for students to engage in their work and we reward them for their success.

The two main goals are:

  • To increase the enrollment of students in math, science, and English Advanced Placement® courses in the schools participating in the project, and
  • To increase the number of qualifying scores (3, 4, or 5) on AP® math, science, and English exams in the schools participating in the project

Our Results

More than 760 students achieved a score of 3, 4, or 5 on nearly 1,990 AP MSE tests, thereby becoming eligible for college credit for those college courses. (Many students took more than one AP test). In their first year of participating in AP-TIP IN, the number of participating schools’ AP qualifying MSE scores (scores of 3, 4, or 5 that earn college credit) increased by 87 percent.

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Our Schools

Former and Current AP-TIP IN Cohorts and Affiliates

Red Circles = Former Schools 
Green Circles = Affiliates
Orange Circles = Cohort 4
Blue Circles = Cohort 5
Purple Circles = Cohort 6