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Mock Exam Training

A key component enhancing enhancing student success on AP® 
math, science, and English exams is a research-based strategy.

The AP-TIP Mock Exam is a practice full-length test
that prepares students for their AP exams in May.

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About the Mock Exam 

The AP-TIP Mock Exam Training and Reading provides mock exams (using previously released AP exams from the College Board®) to implement training on scoring and allow teachers to score their program AP exams in a format similar to a College Board AP Scoring.

Teachers and students retain the scored AP exams to use as formative assessment tools: teachers use the data to develop their lessons leading into the AP exam weeks, and students are able to use the scored exams to determine their own strengths and weaknesses prior to their AP exams. The AP Scoring experience is considered the most powerful professional development the College Board offers, and the AP-TIP Mock Exam Reading mirrors this experience.

Benefits of the Mock Exam 

The AP-TIP Mock Exam benefits both teachers and students. The exam:

  • Improves student performance on the AP exam
  • Reflects the full workload of the AP exam
  • Gives the student an idea of the pacing and endurance required for the exam
  • Provides information on student strengths and where improvements are needed
  • Helps the student formulate a review plan for the AP exam
  • Offers each student practice with testing mechanics (calculators, formula sheets, multiple choice grids, free response answer booklet formats, etc.)
  • Helps build confidence as students navigate challenging and enriching AP courses
Mock Exam Administration and Scoring

The AP Mock Exams have two components: course rosters and the AP Mock Exam itself.

As a program teacher, you will receive your course's spreadsheet populated with your course roster. Ensure that the students on this list are correct—your access and qualifying score goal awards are tied to this list. Only students on the official AP Mock Exam student list will receive the $100 award for a qualifying score. You will receive an email with instructions mid-January, so please mark your calendar.

As a program teacher, you will receive an AP Mock Exam (multiple-choice and free response questions) for each student on your roster plus one exam for your reference. Each student will also be assigned a de-identified label for the exam. You will have a three-week window to administer the AP Mock Exam. Ideally, the exam will be administered in a three-hour setting (although this may not always be the case). Please note that AP Mock Exams are not to leave the building with the students.
Teachers bring their students’ Mock Exams to the AP Mock Exam Reading. Exams are randomly sorted and distributed for scoring, and teachers are trained how to score AP Mock Exams. Teachers who have been assigned to teach more than one AP course (for example, both Language and Literature) must choose one course for training and deposit the other course's exams in the appropriate room to be scored.

Both the scoring training and actual scoring are conducted under the supervision of a College Board Reader or Table Leader. For some courses, the Chief Reader has been engaged to conduct the Mock Exam Reading. At the conclusion of the scoring, teachers address content and conceptual issues that emerged and are provided strategies to support their students’ learning of these concepts as well as tools to address misconceptions.


2024 Mock Exam Scoring: IUPUI campus, 8:30a.m. - 4:00p.m. (dates below, details forthcoming)

 Subject  Date  
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Physics 1

AP Computer Science Principles
Exam Administration: TBA
Exam Scoring: Thursday, March 7th
AP English Literature
AP English Language
Exam Administration: TBA
Exam Scoring: Friday, March 8th
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

AP Statistics
AP Computer Science A
Exam Administration: TBA
Exam Scoring: Friday, April 12th

Registration is not yet open for the 2024 Mock Exam:

Link coming soon!


Registration for AP Science, AP English, and AP Computer Science Principles courses will close on February 27th at 3:00 p.m.

Registration for AP Math and AP Computer Science A courses will close on April 1st at 3:00 p.m.

Party Cost
AP-TIP Grant and Partner Teachers FREE
AP-TIP Affiliate Teachers $199 per Teacher
Non-Program Teachers $299 per Teacher


This is a one-day conference — 6.5 hours of professional development may be awarded. PGP certificates will be provided following the conference.

If you have questions regarding registration, please contact Nicole Chase
at or (574) 631-4878.