STEM pattern

STEM pattern

Rich Math Tasks

Each month in our Trustey Fellows Newsletter, a Math coach will introduce an engaging Math task for your classroom. Check out the rich tasks presented below and use them to increase engagement in your STEM classroom!

September 2016: Bucky the Badger - When Wisconsin scored 83 points against Indiana in 2010, how many pushups did Bucky do?

October 2016: Who is the Imposter? - Which of the algebraic representations does not belong with the others?

November 2016: Which Number is Greater? 79 x 25 or 75 x 29?

December 2016: Building a Unit Dog

January/February 2017: Which One Doesn't Belong? A Math Discussion Starter

March/April 2017: Best Roller Coaster: Wood vs. Steel

May 2017: Don't Waste Any Dough

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