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STEM pattern

STEM pattern

Application Criteria

We welcome teams of STEM teachers who meet the following criteria:

    1. Middle Grades STEM Teachers with a Strong Commitment to Growth
      • Teachers in grades 5 - 8.
      • Teachers of science, technology/computer science, math or engineering (e.g. Project Lead the Way). Other STEM-related teachers may be eligible to apply.
      • Teachers of record for at least one math or science class (strongly preferred).
    2. School-based Teams
      • Applicants must apply as school-based teams of 3 - 4 teachers; teams of 5 will be considered with permission.
      • School teams are not selected by the number of applicants, but rather on quality of the applicants and the ability for the team to work together.
    3. Early Career Focus
      • At least 1 member of each team must be an early career teacher (3-10 yrs. of experience) and preference is given to teams with multiple early career teachers.
    4. Availability & Participation
      • Accepted applicants must attend all Summer Institutes and RISE Summits and remain on campus at Notre Dame, residentially, during the Summer Institutes. This summer (2017), the Summer Institute dates are July 17-29, 2017.
    5. Commitment to Existing School
      • Applicants must intend to remain teaching at their existing school for the duration of the Fellowship (2 academic years).
    6. Administrator/Principal Support
      • All applicants must have letters of support from their principal approving their full participation in the program.