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STEM pattern

STEM pattern

Application Criteria

We welcome teams of STEM teachers who meet the following criteria:

    1. Middle Grades STEM Teachers with a Strong Commitment to Growth
      • Teachers in grades 5 - 8.
      • Teachers of science, technology/computer science, math or engineering (e.g. Project Lead the Way). Other STEM-related teachers may be eligible to apply.
      • Teachers of record for at least one math or science class (strongly preferred).
    2. School-based Teams
      • Applicants must apply as school-based teams of 3 - 4 teachers; teams of 5 will be considered with permission.
      • School teams are not selected by the number of applicants, but rather on quality of the applicants and the ability for the team to work together.
    3. Early Career Focus
      • At least 1 member of each team must be an early career teacher (3-10 yrs. of experience) and preference is given to teams with multiple early career teachers.
    4. Availability & Participation
      • Accepted applicants must attend all Summer Institutes and RISE Summits and remain on campus at Notre Dame, residentially, during the Summer Institutes. The Summer Institute dates are July 16-28, 2018.
    5. Commitment to Existing School
      • Applicants must intend to remain teaching at their existing school for the duration of the Fellowship (2 academic years).
    6. Administrator/Principal Support
      • All applicants must have letters of support from their principal approving their full participation in the program.