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About the Advanced Placement® Teacher Investment Program

Who We Are

The Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program is part of the Institute for Educational Initiatives at the University of Notre Dame. We are a state-wide math, science, and English initiative dedicated to improving Indiana’s students’ college and career readiness.

Our model is premised on proven success and a philosophy of inclusiveness and high expectations for each student to prepare successfully for, and participate in, academically rigorous coursework, namely the Advanced Placement (AP®) Program. 

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Our Vision

We aim to be a premier, transformative program fixed on improving career and college readiness by engaging diverse groups of students, teachers, and schools in rigorous, content-rich courses.

Our Mission

The Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program believes that all young people, especially those from underserved communities, deserve a high-quality education that prepares them for their own futures and empowers them to influence the communities in which they live. Through the implementation of this program and contributing to research, AP-TIP improves teaching and learning in AP classrooms.

The program's two main goals are

    • To increase the enrollment of students in math, science, and English Advanced Placement courses in the schools participating in the project, and

    • To increase the number of qualifying scores (3, 4, or 5) on AP math, science, and English exams in the schools participating in the project

 What We Believe

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 What We Do

Program Highlights

Teacher development is foundational to student outcomes. As we pursue career and college readiness for Indiana's students, AP-TIP is committed to providing high-quality professional development opportunities for classroom educators. Explore our year-round programming to learn more. 

 AP Summer Institute
AP-TIP Fall Conference
Teacher Collaboratives
Mock Exam Reading & Training

Connect with the Program

Follow AP-TIP on social media for easy access to program news, updates, and reminders. 

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Where We Serve

Our Schools

AP-TIP works primarily with schools across Indiana to support both teacher and student success in AP courses. Use the interactive map to see where our current cohort, affiliate, and partner schools are found. 

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