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STEM pattern


Fully Funded Professional Development

The University of Notre Dame Center for STEM Education Advanced Placement Teacher Investment Program (AP-TIP) is partnering with the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) to provide a new, high quality teacher professional growth opportunity to Catholic high school teachers around the U.S.: AP+ACE.

AP+ACE is designed to support teachers of AP math, science, or English (MSE) courses in Catholic high schools where at least one member of the team is an ACE graduate or where school leadership has strong ties to the Institute for Educational Initiatives. 

This two-year program kicks off July 2021, and offers formal in-person training opportunities, such as the AP Summer Institute, as well as virtual PLCs, content area support, exemplary materials, and teacher stipends. This fully-funded program seeks individual teachers or small teacher groups from Catholic high schools (limited to 3 teachers per school) to apply.


  • Teachers participate in high-quality professional growth opportunities.
  • Teachers build connections to a broader community of Advanced Placement teachers.
  • Teachers and schools leverage resources and support that engage all students.
  • Stipend of up to $1,240 for full participation in the professional development events (e.g., Summer Institute, Mock Exam), including PLCs.
  • Financial awards for reaching enrollment and achievement goals.

Download the Brochure

For specific questions, contact Program Director Karen Morris at