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Remote Teacher Collaboratives

Become part of a larger conversation...

Remote Teacher Collaboratives are discussion-based professional workshops designed with AP teachers in mind.

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During Remote Teacher Collaboratives, participants learn from recognized educators and from one another. They connect content to practical, high-impact instructional practices, share ideas and resources, and join a network of professionals from across the country.

All teachers of advanced coursework (e.g. AP, Dual Credit) are invited to attend the 2024-2025 Remote Teacher Collaboratives for their subject area.

Schedule Preview
2024-2025 Session Dates
All sessions will meet 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. (Eastern time).
Tuesday, October 1st
Tuesday, November 12th
Tuesday, December 3rd

Tuesday, January 21st
Tuesday, February 18th
Tuesday, April 8th
  • Registration for this event is free for all participants. 
  • Registered teachers can opt to earn PGP Certificates for their participation (1 PGP per session offered). You may select this option when completing the post-session survey.
  • Upon registration you will receive an email with the Zoom link to access your chosen session.  
Sessions for October 1st, 2024
Please register by subject.
 Registration Link Guiding Questions  Session Goals 
Biology forthcoming forthcoming
Calculus AB forthcoming forthcoming
Calculus BC forthcoming forthcoming
Chemistry forthcoming forthcoming
Computer Science A  forthcoming forthcoming
 Computer Science Principles forthcoming forthcoming
English Language  forthcoming forthcoming
English Literature  forthcoming forthcoming
Environmental Science  forthcoming forthcoming
 Physics I forthcoming forthcoming
Precalculus  forthcoming forthcoming
Statistics forthcoming forthcoming