STEM pattern

STEM pattern



10/28/2014   AP-TIP IN Success Report 2014
12/07/2013   Who Says Math Has to Be Boring? (New York Times)
08/28/2013   Cohort 1 Results
04/22/2013   Announcing Cohort 3 Schools
04/21/2013   Indiana Program for College-Readiness Is Doubling In Size
03/04/2013   Doing well on AP tests will result in money in students' pockets (Indy Star)
11/14/2012   Even A Bad AP Score Can Be Good (Washington Post)
11/05/2012   STEM Jobs Becoming Larger Emphasis in Indiana (Indiana Chamber)
10/12/2012   Connecting High School to College Success (Center for Public Education)
08/28/2012   Program Aims to Improve AP Scores with Training and Incentives (Education Week)
08/14/2012   AP-TIP IN Announces Three Content Directors
04/18/2012   Partnering with Indiana to Boost High School Science/Math Prospects
05/05/2012   AP surges as tool for schools raising standards (


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